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Since 1993 Triton’s agents have navigated the Florida Insurance market making relationships with the finest state and national carriers.
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Florida law requires residents to purchase minimum limits of insurance. Bodily Injury, Property Damage and Personal Injury protection must be maintained at all times while driving a registered vehicle. Bodily Injury protection will protect you for liability arising from injuries that you cause to another driver. Property Damage protection will cover your liability to another driver for damage to their vehicle. Personal Injury Protection also known as “Florida No Fault Coverage” is intended to cover your medical expenses regardless of fault up to $10,000. State minimum requirements for Bodily Injury are $10,000 per occurrence, $20,000 per accident. For property damage the Minimum limit is $10,000 per accident. When the limits are exhausted you are then held personally liable for the remaining cost of injuries and damages.

Purchasing insurance is a complex decision which involves many carrier, limit and coverage options. Online raters from direct carriers allow you to select limits on your own with very little or no guidance. It is important to understand your exposure and seek the guidance of a professional when purchasing auto insurance. A professional can explain the coverage options when deciding whether to purchase Uninsured Motorist, Physical Damage Coverage, Rental, Towing and Excess Medical Coverage. Additionally many professionals work with multiple carriers this allows them to shop for the best price and coverage combinations. We often see clients which have purchased insurance online that are severely underinsured and over exposed.

Since 1993 Triton’s agents have navigated the Florida Insurance market making relationships with the finest state and national carriers. Unlike most local agents and online carriers Triton’s rich carrier relationships allow us to offer you hundreds of quotes. Our slogan “More Options. More Savings.” means that you get the best coverage combination for the best price available in the market. As a Triton client you get a personalized quote from a license professional. We believe that your investment, your assets, your American Dream realized deserves more than “15 minutes or less” you deserve our time, knowledge and expertise.


The insurance quotes generated by this website are not a contract, binder, or agreement to extend insurance coverage and are based on information you have supplied and basic assumptions in a few states about the applicable public fire protection class. To obtain coverage, you must submit an application to Triton Insurance Group®. All applications for coverage are subject to underwriting approval and subject to applicable state, provincial, and federal law. All policies may not be available in all states or provinces. For more information, contact a Triton Insurance Group agent.

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understand that I must list myself, my spouse and any person who drives any vehicles on the policy regardless of whether that person lives with me or not. I have included all relatives that reside in my home, of legal driving age or which has a permit even if he or she does not drive my vehicle(s). I have also included any child who lives away from home and drives a vehicle on this policy, even if that child only drives on occasion.

I understand that by not providing correct information I risk having my insurance voided by my carrier and my claim denied for material misrepresentation and fraud. It is a felony to commit insurance fraud.

I have no questions and fully understand what I am being asked to do here. In addition, I understand all the coverage that I am requesting in the above quote. If there is something I do not understand I will not Type my name and I will not submit this form to my agent.

If I wish to exclude any driver which falls under the above criteria I will write their name(s) below. (Meaning there will be no coverage if these drivers operate my vehicles or any other vehicles of another person)

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