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Since 1993 Triton’s agents have navigated the Insurance market making relationships with the finest state and national carriers.
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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella policies offer you an additional layer of coverage over your Home, Auto, Boat and RV Liability policies. Umbrella policies will also offer additional Uninsured Motorist Liability for you and your family. Some policies are known as “True Umbrella Policies” will cover known gaps in your home insurance. Most carriers will exclude things like dog bite on your home policy, a “True Umbrella Policy” will fill those gaps. If you have assets which exceed your insurance policy limits an Umbrella can be an easy cost-effective way to protect your current or future assets. A triton agent can assess your insurance needs.

Umbrella insurance is a form of coverage that offers extra liability protection to safeguard assets like your home, car, and boat. It serves as a supplement to your existing home and auto insurance policies, stepping in when the costs of covered claims surpass the limits set by those policies.

With an umbrella policy, you receive assistance in covering defense costs if you find yourself facing a lawsuit due to damage caused to someone else's property or injuries inflicted upon others in an accident. This additional coverage ensures that you are financially protected beyond the confines of your primary insurance policies.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover? 

Umbrella insurance offers coverage that extends beyond the limits of your primary auto, homeowners, or boat policies, protecting you from unforeseen expenses arising from incidents like a severe car accident or property-related incidents.

Umbrella insurance provides coverage for:

  • Liability ranging from $1 million to $10 million, safeguarding assets such as your home, car, and boat.
  • Claims related to libel, slander, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy.
  • Legal defense costs, including attorney fees and other charges associated with lawsuits.
  • Liabilities occurring outside the United States.

Adding an umbrella insurance policy to your existing auto, homeowners, or other policies enhances your personal liability protection. In today's world, anyone can face a lawsuit, regardless of their innocence. Hence, it is crucial to consider the addition of an umbrella policy to secure your assets and bring you peace of mind.

What is Not Covered by an Umbrella Policy? 

Generally, a personal umbrella policy does not cover damage to your personal property.

Other instances not typically covered by an umbrella policy include:

  • Business losses: Damage to your business property or losses related to your business operations, even if conducted from your home. For this type of coverage, consider purchasing business insurance.
  • Intentional acts: An umbrella policy does not protect against liability resulting from your own intentionally harmful actions, such as intentionally harming a visitor to your home.

Umbrella policies are usually affordable and serve as a reliable way to protect yourself from the potentially devastating costs of significant claims that surpass the limits of your primary home and auto policies.

Since 1993, Triton’s agents have navigated the Insurance market making relationships with the finest state and national carriers. Unlike most local agents and online carriers. Triton’s rich carrier relationships allow us to offer you hundreds of quotes. Our slogan “More Options, More Savings” means that you get the best coverage combination for the best price available in the market. As a Triton client, you get a personalized quote from a licensed professional. We believe that your investment, your assets, your American Dream realized deserves more than “15 minutes or less.” You deserve our time, knowledge and expertise.

The insurance quotes generated by this website are not a contract, binder, or agreement to extend insurance coverage and are based on information you have supplied and basic assumptions in a few states about the applicable public fire protection class. To obtain coverage, you must submit a quote request to Triton Insurance Group®. All quote requests for coverage are subject to underwriting approval and subject to applicable state, provincial, and federal law. All policies may not be available in all states or provinces. For more information, contact a Triton Insurance Group agent.

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