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The Preparation Process

In preparation for opening we will spend 30 days with an agency owner planning and strategizing. We will spend much of the time training on Triton procedures, system and carrier strengths. It will also be important to analyze the market demand in the area of operation as well as surrounding areas. Since the Triton model is set up for speed we will also spend a lot of time on technology which is one of our greatest strengths. With technology we are able to nullify the effects of Direct writers. We want to support our agency partners to ensure their success.

While our executive team and staff are working with the new agency owner to establish a strategy and workflow, our tech team will work diligently to install all the equipment you will need to start. Our turnkey solution is set up to get you on the ground and selling right away. The installed desk tops will have all the working programs necessary to run your business. These Triton dream machines will also include favorites, emails and all the other items that our sales executives use to sell and succeed. Your phone system will also be installed and working by the time you are ready. Minimizing snags will ensure you are on your way to success.

“I can give you a six-word formula for success. Think things through then follow through.”
 Jack Welch

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