Understanding Worker’s Compensation

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A Small Business Owner’s Handbook In the fast-paced realm of small businesses, prioritizing the safety and welfare of your workforce is paramount. Worker’s compensation insurance stands as a vital safeguard, offering both financial protection and peace of mind for employers and employees alike in the event of workplace injuries or illnesses. This guide aims to … Read more

What is Considered Tornado Season in Tennessee: Most Tornado Activity Occurs Between March and May.

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Here’s what you need to stay safe. March through May marks a transition from winter’s cold air to the warmer temperatures of spring and summer, creating a volatile mix of atmospheric conditions conducive to tornado formation. It’s a time when communities need to be vigilant to stay safe, as tornadoes can cause significant damage and … Read more

Citizens Property Insurance’s Revised Flood Insurance Mandates

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Following Hurricane Ian, the Florida legislature approved Senate Bill 2A in December 2022, emphasizing insurance affordability and accessibility within the state. A significant modification introduced by the bill is a novel stipulation requiring policyholders under the state-operated Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (Citizens) to carry flood insurance. Initially applicable to property owners in Special Flood Hazard … Read more

Safety Guidelines for Maintaining a Festive Holiday Atmosphere Through Decorations

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The winter holiday season provides an excellent opportunity for festive decorations as friends, families, and co-workers gather for cherished annual traditions. Taking heed of important safety guidelines while adorning your surroundings for the holidays is a crucial initial step in ensuring a joyous occasion for everyone involved. Opt for decorations that are either flame-resistant or … Read more

When does pre-existing damage become a reason for the rejection of insurance claims?

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Many homeowners face a common predicament: the refusal or reduction of payouts for their homeowners’ insurance claims citing ‘pre-existing damage.’ This scenario is widespread and affects a significant number of property owners in the state. Insurance companies frequently assert that the issues in question already existed before the incident prompting the claim. Why aren’t pre-existing … Read more

The Dangers of Flash Floods & How to Protect Yourself

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Many people mistakenly assume that their homeowners insurance policy includes coverage for flood damage, however, this is not the case. Typical homeowners insurance policies do not provide any coverage for flooding. Some providers offer various flood coverage add-ons to enhance protection for your home. We recommend reaching out to your Triton Insurance Group agent to … Read more

Protecting Your Passion: Motorcycle Insurance for Classic, Custom, and Harley Davidson Enthusiasts

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For those who are passionate about motorcycles, riding isn’t just a mode of transportation—it’s a way of life. Whether you cruise down open highways on a classic beauty, roar through the streets on a custom creation, or embrace the iconic style of a Harley Davidson, your motorcycle holds a special place in your heart. Just … Read more