Safety Guidelines for Maintaining a Festive Holiday Atmosphere Through Decorations

The winter holiday season provides an excellent opportunity for festive decorations as friends, families, and co-workers gather for cherished annual traditions. Taking heed of important safety guidelines while adorning your surroundings for the holidays is a crucial initial step in ensuring a joyous occasion for everyone involved.

Opt for decorations that are either flame-resistant or flame-retardant, particularly avoiding paper decorations that can easily catch fire. Keep all decorations away from open flames, light bulbs, and heat sources like heaters to minimize potential risks. Confirm the functionality of smoke alarms in the home and replace their batteries as winter sets in and holiday activities commence. Ensure that exits remain unobstructed by decorations, such as Christmas trees, to maintain clear escape routes.

In households with young children or pets, or when hosting holiday events involving them, refrain from using sharp, breakable, or small-piece decorations. Avoid items that resemble food or candy to prevent accidental ingestion.

While embellishing your space for the holiday season, prioritize fire safety. Although Christmas tree fires are rare, when they occur, they can escalate rapidly. Keep the tree at least three feet away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, and candles. If opting for a freshly cut tree, choose one with vibrant, non-falling needles, and ensure it stays hydrated by cutting the trunk before placement and adding water daily. Dispose of the tree promptly after Christmas to eliminate fire hazards.

For those using lit candles during the holidays, follow safety tips such as using stable candle holders on uncluttered surfaces and keeping them away from flammable materials. Consider the use of flameless candles for added safety, and be cautious with placement to avoid accidents.

If incorporating a Hanukkah menorah or Kwanzaa kinara into your holiday traditions, place them on non-flammable surfaces and away from potentially bumpable areas.

Exercise caution when hanging decorations, using the appropriate ladder, and avoiding overreaching. Maintain three points of contact while climbing, face the ladder, and pay attention to foot placement. Do not stand on furniture or makeshift climbing objects. Ensure proper placement of extension ladders at a safe angle.

Some holiday lights are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, so use them accordingly. Replace damaged light strings, adhere to manufacturer instructions for connecting strands, and avoid overloading electrical outlets. Inspect power cords annually for damage, use clips instead of nails to hang lights, and plug outdoor decorations into outlets with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs). Turn off all lights and decorations before leaving home or going to bed, and bring outdoor electrical lights inside after the holidays for safety and durability.

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