The Dangers of Flash Floods & How to Protect Yourself

Many people mistakenly assume that their homeowners insurance policy includes coverage for flood damage, however, this is not the case. Typical homeowners insurance policies do not provide any coverage for flooding. Some providers offer various flood coverage add-ons to enhance protection for your home. We recommend reaching out to your Triton Insurance Group agent to inquire about flood insurance options. There’s no substitute for peace of mind, and adding a flood endorsement to your homeowners policy can be a wise decision.

Recently, Southeast Florida experienced severe flash floods, with roads closing, cars submerged and significant property damage. These flash floods, with nearly 20 inches of rain in just a few hours, not only posed a threat to lives, but also wreaked havoc on homes and personal belongings. Water can easily infiltrate your home and cause significant damage to your valuables.

Flooding is typically defined as “a temporary condition where two or more acres of usually dry land or two or more properties (at least one being yours) are partially or completely submerged due to overflow of inland waters, rapid surface water accumulation, runoff from any source, or mudflows.” 

In many standard insurance policies, it’s explicitly stated: “We will not cover losses caused directly or indirectly by any of the following…” (these exclusions apply regardless of any other contributing factors):

  1. Flood, surface water, waves, tides, tidal waves, water overflow from any body of water, or their spray, whether wind-driven or not.
  1. Water backing up from sewers, drains, or overflowing from a sump.
  1. Subsurface water, including water pressure, seepage, or leaks through buildings, sidewalks, driveways, foundations, swimming pools or other structures.

Though the language may seem complex, the bottom line is straightforward — if water touches the floor, it’s considered flooding. It’s crucial to understand that HO3, HO6, or most other homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood-related damages. For example, if a tidal wave resulting from a hurricane or tropical storm floods your home, your homeowners insurance policy won’t cover the damage. Similarly, damage caused by rainwater flooding your home due to blocked street drains is not covered by standard homeowners insurance.

Triton Insurance Group can assist you in finding suitable solutions for your home and your needs. Please contact your agent to explore your options. Our commitment is to provide fast, fair and friendly service. We value your business and are eager to serve you.

At Triton Insurance Group, our top priority is the safety and protection of your family and home. We are one of Florida’s leading homeowners insurance agencies, offering multi-peril policies that cover homes, condos and renters insurance. If you’re interested in becoming a policyholder with Triton Insurance Group, you can request a quote or call 866-400-7674 today!

Note: Please consult your specific policy and speak with your carrier, legal advisor, and/or licensed agent for more detailed information. Insurance policies vary and updates may occur regularly. This information is intended for general reference only.

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