Preparing Your Boat For a Hurricane 

In addition to purchasing and securing boat insurance it is imperative to plan and prepare your boat for any unexpected dangers. Hurricane season is a 6 month period with August and September being the most capricious months for these destructive storms. The danger and risks that come with hurricanes can create damage beyond the initial storm. Due to the severity of hurricanes it is crucial to plan ahead.  Follow these steps below to learn know to protect and prepare your boat during a hurricane. 

Prior to Storm 

Create an Evacuation Plan. This includes the removal of all detachable items from your boat. These items include cushions, dinghies, sails, and any other item you deem necessary. In the circumstance that your boat is docked in a marina- talk to the operator about how to pull your boat from the water and or how to tie it up. 

  • Practice Boat Evacuation Drills
  • Prepare Emergency Supplies
  • Keep Boat Radio Charged
  • Secure Important Documents

When the Storm is Forthcoming

On average there are about 12 to 24 hours of advance warning to prepare for a hurricane. One must continue being alert and aware of updates predicting the storms path and behaviors throughout the entirety of the storm. If you plan to keep your boat in the water there are certain guidelines and precautionary procedures that need to be completed. 

  • In order to prepare your boat, begin by shutting off the boat’s main electrical system and the removing of the battery. 
  • Anchor your boat with at least two anchors and arrange the position to point in the direction of the prevailing winds. 
  • In order to counterbalance the effects of a storm surge the anchor lines must be 10 times the water depth at the docked location. 
  • Cover the vents to the engine room and also to avoid water from flooding your motor- plug the stern’s exhaust pipes.

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